Improving Action

guiding protection & restoration

Delivering data for decision making

When tackling global environmental issues, the impact of high-level agreements is limited without local action. Similarly, local action can be meaningless without widespread coordination and support.

GLOW’s action theme is focused on mapping current action and guiding potential future actions to protect and restore coastal wetland habitats globally – paying attention to spatial and policy factors.

GLOW especially considers the:

  • extant global ‘landscape’ of wetland conservation action;
  • assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of, and barriers to, coastal wetland conservation; and,
  • priorities, feasibility and capacity of future protection and restoration measures in a changing world.

The GLOW team has a depth of experience in conservation planning. Our interdisciplinary group draws on a background in prioritising actions for wetland conservation, modelling threats to marine megafauna and predicting the impacts of multiple stressors to coastal ecosystems.

We are producing web-based scenario modelling tools to help conservation-focussed projects answer questions of, ‘What if?’ For example, within a given budget, which actions might be most effective at protecting or rehabilitating wetlands? What is most feasible?

We are also working with the conservation community to ensure that GLOW tools are developed in ways that will meet their needs, so they can be put to good use. That means engaging authentically.

If you’d like to get involved, please be sure to contact us.