Engaging Authentically

working together for wetlands

Partnerships for impact in the real world

We need to work together to meet the challenge of coastal wetland conservation in a changing world. That means scientists, managers, communities, industries, politicians, and other stakeholders collaborating to build and maintain conservation capacity.

The GLOW health and action research themes are producing data with the potential to contribute significantly to conservation planning and evidence-based environmental decision making. However, GLOW recognises the need to engage authentically for our work to have the most beneficial impact.

GLOW’s engagement theme focuses on doing just that – communicating GLOW science findings and products to the stakeholders responsible for funding, prioritising, and delivering the protection and restoration of coastal wetlands at large spatial scales.

Our engagement theme prioritises the following activities.

  • Guiding GLOW research priorities to maximise potential for future uptake (i.e., direct use of GLOW scientific findings and products) in conservation planning and environmental decision-making.
  • Supporting GLOW researchers in authentic and productive two-way dialogue with scientists, managers and NGOs working in the coastal wetland conservation space.
  • Publicising GLOW scientific findings and products, particularly in the scientific and conservation management communities, through use of effective communication tools, including support for GLOW researchers in their communication efforts.

GLOW has begun by partnering with key investigators at trial locations, which span a range of conditions, from urban to rural, tropical to temperate, estuarine to coastal, and have different levels of available information.

Using diverse trial locations allows GLOW to not only develop an index of coastal wetland health which is widely applicable, but also to develop engagement strategies that provide a range of policy outcomes.

GLOW, is also an active member of the Global Mangrove Alliance, via Griffith University.

This helps us deliver science make a difference in the real world.