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What is FIshID?

FishID is an online platform using artificial intelligence to automate the analysis of videos and images, making large volumes of data faster and easier to process.

Our sophisticated software is designed for ease of use in providing actionable data from ecosystem monitoring. Users upload videos to the FIshID platform for analysis and can inspect and export results in flexible ways useful for reporting or further analysis.

We help managers apply automated monitoring in a range of different ecosystems, including challenging environments that prevent other forms of monitoring. FishID is part of a suite of tools developed by The Global Wetlands Project (GLOW), which is committed to informing and empowering coastal and marine conservation.

How can we help?

Environmental monitoring

Helping scientists and stakeholders make better decisions

From coral reefs to seagrasses to river estuaries, we help managers apply automation techniques, for environmental monitoring needs. Our platform automates stock counting, species identification, sizing, animal behaviour, and movement patterns, from video footage, still images and live streaming cameras! Our automated monitoring techniques apply to animals, such as fish, crabs and sea cucumbers, and we can assist with benthic habitat monitoring using underwater drones.

Challenging environments

Beyond blue and crystal clear water

Environmental monitoring is often needed in habitats with less than ideal conditions. We can help overcome these challenges with proven tools that work for a range of challenging environments, including turbid waters and night-time monitoring. If you can detect it, then we can automate it!

Integrated Artificial Intelligence

Sparking the evolution and revolution of sensing devices

Artificial intelligence solutions that bring inference to edge devices and systems, closer to where data is captured, integrating real-time insights with long term trends. Automation reduced latency between sampling and decision making, with high data availability and reliability at reduced cost.

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Our projects

Take a closer look at some of the innovative projects and collaborations FishID has been used for.

Challenging environments

Challenging Environments

Environmental monitoring often needs to be done in challenging environments. The FishID platform can automate analysis of imagery with poor water clarity and where other forms of monitoring are difficult.

Counting and identifying fish

Counting and identifying fish

Two of the most common metrics that scientists are interested in, are the number of fish present in a habitat, and the types of species present. FishID can automate counting and identification of fish.

Fish movement and behaviour

Fish movement and behaviour

As well as identifying and counting aquatic animals, managers and scientists are often interested in animal behaviour, such as feeding rates and movement speed and direction.