Global Wetlands Project

informing & empowering coastal conservation

science for action at the ocean’s edge

The world needs coastal wetlands. Seagrass meadows, mangrove forests and saltmarshes are high-value habitats providing many benefits to humanity.

Unfortunately, we’re losing these important places. There’s an urgent need to limit and reverse the loss of coastal wetlands in order to arrest biodiversity decline, protect communities and tackle climate change.

The Global Wetlands Project (GLOW) elevates scientific understanding of critical issues facing coastal wetlands and builds online tools to help address these issues.


We’re delivering a range of impacts for coastal wetland conservation around the world.

We’re producing scientifically-credible targets and informing effective investment for ecosystem protection and restoration.

Online tools

We believe open and accessible science will accelerate coastal conservation.

Explore our online tools that make our science accessible and allow you to gain new insights on dynamic coastal ecosystems.

Mangrove conservation

Mangrove conservation and restoration is threatened by sea level rise. 

We’re working with the World Wildlife Fund to help them adapt the prioritization of conservation resources to climate change.


FishID is an online platform that automates the analysis of underwater video footage.

Users upload videos to the FishID platform for analysis using an optimised deep learning algorithm to produce data.