Counting and identifying fish

a FishID project

Counting and identifying fish

Two of the most common metrics that scientists are interested in, are the number of fish present in a habitat, and the types of species present. The FishID platform has successfully been used for a range of projects that have automated counting and identifying of fish underwater.

Abundance of fish and stock assessment

When monitoring aims to measure the entire suite of fish present, FishID can detect a wide range of species trained for particular locations or habitats.

Community data is produced from monitoring with unbaited cameras, ROVs (remotely operated vehicles), and BRUVS (baited remote underwater video stations).

Learn more about how FishID has automated the analysis of fish abundance for stock assessment of snapper and surveying across multiple habitats.

Identifying species

For select species, e.g. of high-value or as invasive pests, FishID can detect and count the target species while correctly ignoring all other species as well as background structure.

Learn more about how FishID identified grazing fish in seagrass habitat, and key fish species using restored mangrove forests.