26 & 27 October 2021

Coastal Wetlands Twitter Conference


The Global Wetlands Project will be hosting the inaugural Coastal Wetlands Twitter Conference on Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 October 2021.

The #CWTC21 conference will be held completely on Twitter – if you have internet access you are able to participate in the conference.

The registration to present is currently open. A conference schedule will be released in early October. Each presenter will have ten minutes to deliver their presentation via five tweets. Participants can interact with presenters’ tweets and with each other too.

The Twitter conference provides the opportunity for students, scientists, coastal wetland managers and policy-makers to come together and share their research and experiences of coastal wetlands on an international stage.

This year’s #CWTC21 conference will be based around three themes:

The Blue economy

The Blue economy

Coastal wetlands are important, high-value ecosystems that provide many benefits to humanity. They contribute to the blue economy: support rich biodiversity, underpin human livelihoods and recreation, store carbon and protect coastal communities from extreme weather events.

Future of coastal wetlands

Future of coastal wetlands

Unfortunately, we are losing our seagrass meadows, mangrove forests and saltmarshes. Over 50% of coastal wetlands are already gone and the rest are at risk from a range of serious threats. What does the future hold for coastal wetlands?

New technologies

New technologies

New technology can play a vital role in supporting us in limiting and reversing the loss of coastal wetlands. Delivering technology solutions to be as effective and efficient with the resources we have for coastal wetland conservation is critical to our success.


To enable participation from around the world, two conference sessions will be held to accomodate different time zones.

  • North & South America: 13.00pm – 15:00pm PDT, Tuesday 26 October.
  • Africa, Europe & Middle East: 9.00am – 11.00am BST, Wednesday 27 October.
  • Asia, Asia-Pacific & Oceania: 6.00am – 8.00am AEST & 18.00pm – 20.00pm Wednesday 27 October.


Registration to present is now open, closing Sunday 3 October 2021. Each presentation is allocated 10 minutes and should comprise of five tweets. The tweets can include text, photos, gifs, videos and links.

The first tweet should be the introduction of your presentation, the middle tweets the body of your presentation and the last tweet the conclusion of your presentation.



A Twitter conference is a virtual event where presenters following a conference schedule and deliver their presentations by tweets.

Participants can view or engage with the tweets through accessing these from each presenter’s page or following posts that include the conference hashtag.

For this Twitter conference, the Global Wetlands Project will use the Twitter account @globalwetlands and the conference hashtag #CWTC21.

Presenters will deliver their presentations using 5 tweets from their own personal or their organisations Twitter accounts.
Learn more at Twitter help centre: Find out how to tweet

Participants who would like to reply with comments, questions, like or re-share tweets will need a Twitter account.
Learn more at Twitter help centre: Find out how to use mentions and replies

Participating in real-time can allow stronger interaction through commenting or asking questions of the presenters. You can also interact with other participants who are engaging with the presentations at the same time.

The tweets made during the conference presentations, like any tweet, will be available to access via presenters twitter handles afterwards (unless the tweets are deleted). If you are unable to attend in real-time, make sure you have a look at the presenter’s twitter handles to see and engage with the presentations.

The conference will have two sessions to accomodate participants in different time zones.

To be considered to be a presenter you need to submit a proposal via the form on this webpage by Sunday 3 October 2021. Your proposal should include the following:

  • Your name
  • Your contact email
  • Your organisation and position
  • Title of your presentation
  • Short description about your presentation (up to 100 words)

The Coastal Wetlands Twitter Conference program will be released here on this webpage by the 11 October 2021.

Your presentation should be made up of five tweets. Each tweet can be up to 280 characters long and include text, up to 4 photos, GIFs, links and/or videos.

At the start of each tweet you need to include the #Number for the tweet# and conference hashtag #CWTC21. For example your introduction tweet would start with:  1 #CWTC21

Please be aware of the length of videos you include in your tweets and/or the time it would take for participants to look at links to ensure this can occur comfortably within your allocated 10 minute presentation time.

Scheduling your tweets allows you during your presentation time to be involved in threads or respond to questions without needing to remember to post each tweet in real time. Twitter allows you to prepare and schedule your tweets to be posted on a specific date and time for free.

To schedule a tweet, after you have drafted the tweet, click on the Schedule icon on bottom right of the tweet compose box. You can select your date, time and check the time zone. Click the Confirm button once done. To access your drafts and scheduled Tweets, click on Unsent Tweets from the Tweet compose box.

You are encouraged to promote your participation in the conference on Twitter, other social media or communication channels you use. On Twitter, please include the conference hashtag #CWTC21 and tag The Global Wetlands Project account @globalwetlands

Once you have been confirmed as a presenter, you will be sent an individual image file via email that you can use specifically to promote your presentation.

During the conference, The Global Wetlands Project from @globalwetlands will post a tweet five minutes before your presentation starts directing participants to your twitter account using your twitter handle.

Using the conference hashtag #CWTC21 at the start of each presentation tweet will allow participants to search and find your tweets.

If you have further questions please contact Natasha Watson at The Global Wetlands Project via email: